Practical support for social sector organisations using experienced

“encore” talent¬†

People are looking for a purposeful transition into the next stage of productive working lives. Employers are looking to expand the range of options for older employees at this important life stage. Charities and non-profit organisations are solving social problems and bridging generational divides. They face major skills shortages often for operational activities.

Encore Fellowships are designed to help the social sector organisations through their challenges to grow and deliver on their social impact work.



Experienced, skilled person interested in working in the social sector in high impact, paid assignment

Host Organisations

Social sector organisation identifies need for experienced talent


Companies, foundations or agencies fund Encore Fellowships

Encore Fellows UK is working in collaboration with the US non-profit’s Encore Fellowship programme.


Encore Fellows UK currently offers fellowship opportunities for people approaching retirement who would like to use their skills and experience in the social sector as part of a purposeful transition to retirement.